In Person

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Stephen Altobello
NYC Producer / Post-Production Supervisornyc-producer.htmlshapeimage_3_link_0

by Stephen Altobello

1993, 29 min.

Pt 1 of 4

D.A. Pennebaker, filmmaker, Don’t Look Back &

Monterey Pop

Pt 2 of 4

“A very moving homage not only to Frank Sinatra, but to the people who have been touched by him.”

Janeane Garofalo

“A perfect and compelling demonstration of the tortuous relationship which exists between an artist and his audience. Beautiful work!”

Ben Katchor, artist,

Juluis Knipl, Real Estate Photographer


“A delightful implosion. What a nice surprise to see not-so-ordinary people become the stars simply by talking about THE STAR.”

Spalding Gray

“A splendid job of documenting, in a modest but thoroughly sensitive and captivating way, both an aspect of American culture and a facet of the human soul.”

Nick Tosches, author, Dino

“I assumed it would be a kitsch-seeking missile aimed directly at the Sinatra cult. Instead, it’s a gentle and respectful, though appropriately detached, glimpse into the world of several Frank Sinatra devotees. Their stories of meeting him are touching, and their quiet obsession with Sinatra’s life and career is oddly moving. In Person manages to achieve both humor and humanity in exploring the world of Sinatra fandom.”

Ross McElwee, filmmaker, Sherman’s March

“A very touching look at something that often slips by us, unremembered.”