Stephen Altobello
NYC Producer / Post-Production Supervisor

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For more information about my lectures and hands-on demonstrations please contact me.

For over ten years I’ve periodically taught at SUNY Purchase, Columbia University and City College of New York. I teach all variations of post production sound, including editing, mixing and sound design. I’ve done anywhere from a semester’s worth of classes to one-off lectures with hands-on demonstrations.

My teaching methods aren’t that different from my approach to work: passionate yet sensible, streamlined yet effective. I promote the philosophies that I think work best in the NYC TV and film industry and show clips from independent films (including many I’ve worked on) and the “classics” (with a definite leaning towards the great films of the 70s). 

Here’s two samples of how I share my knowledge, experience and observations...

This is a breakdown of some very intelligent and clever sound editing in the Dirty Harry films. Please note: since I’m replicating the flow of my lectures—which toggles between me talking and then showing clips--there are a few passages without video.

In 2000, Jaws was remixed from its original mono soundtrack to Dolby 5.1 Surround. This meant that some of the sound FX needed to be recreated, and the result is less than satisfying. Comparing the two versions helps me illustrate how crucial

good sound is for a film.

Sound Design and Dirty Harry’s Gun

Jaws: A Before-and-After Sound FX Demonstration